Monday, July 07, 2008

Southwest Virginia - Jewel Ridge 4th of July Celebration

Up in the graveyard - overlooking the 4th of July party.

Down in the crowd with the local band in the background.

Fireworks were awesome up on top of the mountain.

The Jewel Ridge 4th of July party was one I will never forget. I thought we'd just be sitting on the side of the road watching the fireworks. I didn't realize this was a full blown party.

Since we had little kids along as well as a couple of Grandmas, we blanketed down in the graveyard up above the celebration area. One of the uncles went down and brought up popcorn, sodas, and an icee.

The kids danced to the music from a local band. I never did catch the name of the band, but they were certainly energetic. They did a range of songs including old rock and roll and some patriotic selections. The lead guy had the crowd roaring when he yelled, "We don't burn no flags around here." He brought one of the girls just back from Iraq up on the stage where everyone cheered like crazy. She got a free t-shirt and CD for her service.

It was around 9:30 or 10 before the fireworks cranked up. They were very impressive up high on the mountain.

It rained a little bit as folks were riding out. Most of the people from the neighborhood had decorated their houses and were out on their porches waving at everyone driving out. Since we were in the back of a pick up, it was like being in a parade. The kids had a blast looking for American flags and yelling "hi" to everyone down the road.

By the time we got back, the little ones were fast asleep. We carried them in and tucked them in bed. Then we called it a night, since we had the family reunion the next morning.

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