Thursday, July 03, 2008

Win a New Grill or a $10,000 Backyard Make Over

Grilling Boneless Chicken Breasts

I've been using cooking sprays on my grill grates for years. It prevents the foods from sticking and also makes clean up easier. I just spray as a matter of course, but it's especially helpful to spray the grates when cooking foods low in fat (and healthier).

Crisco has some very flavorful sprays out now. The regular is kind of neutral and works with any grilled foods. The butter flavor is good for richer grilled recipes. I'd say the olive oil is my favorite.

If you pick up any cooking spray for your grill, be sure to visit the Crisco web site. You can enter to win a free grill or even a $10,000 backyard makeover. There are 100 daily winners on the Coleman RoadTrip grill and then the big winner at the end.

The Coleman grills are really cute. They double as a camp stove and grill with different cooking tops.

I don't even know what to say about $10,000 on a backyard makeover. Wow! I guess that's all I can say. I just drag my grill out in the yard and go at it. I don't even know if I could spend $10,000. But, I'd sure like to try (-:

The contest is very easy. You sign up with your information. Otherwise they won't be able to tell you when/if you win. You need the barcode from your Crisco product. Once you sign in, then you can enter again and again with new product codes.

The Crisco backyard makeover promotion runs through September 2008.

Good luck if you enter. Even if you don't do contests, check out the spray. It does make a world of difference when you're grilling.

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