Monday, July 07, 2008

Lester Family Reunion at the Bandy Community Center

Lester Family Reunion Dinner

Checking Out the Dessert Table

Need to Get the Recipe for This Yummy Cake

Me and Cousin Doug

We were up early and getting ready for the Lester family reunion. We're not really Lesters, but my aunt is married to a Wingo who is kin to the Lesters. We're probably cousins somewhere back down the line too. You can pretty well go to any family reunion in the Appalachian mountains and be related in some way. Just name your Grandpa and everyone will get it figured out.

Since we were in from out of town, we just dropped by Colonel Sanders and got some Kentucky Fried Chicken. I made the chicken run while Mom got a shower. She is an early bird and had been up pulling weeds since daybreak I'd wager.

Someone had put together a nice book with family pictures and stories. Everyone was checking that out as well as a huge family tree taped up in the hall that included photos of the relatives.

The dinner was terrific. Mountain women can cook. I got a little of everything - well not literally everything - but a nice selection. Someone had made soupy potatoes like my Grandma used to make. I hadn't had those in years, and they were just as yummy as I remembered.

Desserts are my downfall. Sigh. And, they sure had some tasty ones. I wouldn't even begin to name a favorite. That's one sure way to get in trouble with the cooks. I will say the homemade banana pudding was fabulous, but we ended up eating that the night before. So, we didn't get there with banana pudding that my aunt made off my Grandma's special recipe.


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