Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Duke Creek Outdoors Tanksetter - No More Barbecue Gas Bottles Sliding Around in the Truck

Bill from Duke Creek Outdoors sent me a Tanksetter to check out. A Tanksetter is a holder for gas bottles for folks who grill or smoke with gas. It holds the tank steady to go on the road or to take gas bottles to the store for refills. And, it is also pefect if you rig up your own gas burner outside to fry foods or make big pots of chili or stew.

The Tanksetter looks so simple that I wasn't sure if it would work as stated, but I put it to the test this past weekend when we headed over to Mom's house to grill up some chicken and hot dogs.

Although the Tanksetter is very lightweight and simple - a plastic ring with two screws to lock in the gas bottle - it does just what it is supposed to do. It keeps the gas bottle from sliding or rolling around. The shape and balance are just right, and when you put the gas bottle in, it stays put and steady.

The Tanksetter is easy enough for my cute little nieces to use (just turn the screws which is easy to do), although they would have trouble lifting gas bottles, and we do not let them play with the gas or grills yet. They did volunteer to model as you can see in my first photo. I think they will both soon be grillers in training.

My son (below) is actually the one who helps me out with refilling gas bottles and lugging them around when we are "on the go" grilling. He gave the thumbs up to the Tanksetter too. It's nice to have the gas bottle stable and not falling over and bumping around down the road. Safer too I'm sure.

I have added Tanksetter to Yes You Can Grill OpenSky. That is my small online barbecue shop where I carry the barbecue grills and gear that work for me, my family, and friends. Check out the Tanksetter and other great outdoor cooking products that have passed the home use test.


Barbecue said...

Hey, this is a great find. I think I'll get one myself. My family love barbecuing outdoors so moving the gas tank around really makes me feel uncomfortable especially with kids around. This thing surely makes it more sturdy and safe. thanks!

CA said...

Glad to help. I like the bbq gas tank Tanksetter a lot too. It is a good idea and works great.