Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Great Smoke Flavor with Baxter's Wood Chips for all Types of Grills

Michael sent me some wood from Baxter's Original. And, you can see that this company does a wonderful job in packaging goods. The burlap bags packed full of great smelling grill or barbecue wood were appealing. Of course, it is all about the taste when it comes to outdoor cooking, and I will get to that.

First, if you are not familiar with real wood chips for grilling or smoking, then you are missing out. Wood chips can be used on any kind of grill or smoker.

You soak your wood down for 20 minutes of so. Then, you can add the wood chips on charcoal or can make a foil pack on a gas grill. As the wood heats up, it gives off smoke which then adds extra flavor to grilled foods.

On this grill, I was at my Mom's house where she has the Char Broil Big Red gas grill which I gave her when she got married last year. My Dad died three years ago, and Mom married a boy she went to high school with. That's Harry, and he is a great guy.

I soaked a few Baxter's Original peach wood chips and made a foil pack to go in the back corner of the grill. On a foil pack with wood chips, do leave the top open a bit, so that the smoke actually gets out (-: Just saying . . .

With charcoal, just put the soaked wood chips right on the charcoal rather than foil packing it. Again, don't use a whole lot. You don't need a lot, and you don't want to put out the coals.

As the grill heated up and the pack begin to put out some smoke, the smell was great. Peach wood is more of a delicate wood so does not overpower foods, and it has a really nice smell and adds a nice hint of flavor to foods smoked on the grill or cooked longer on a smoker.

Here are the boneless pork chops smoked with Baxter's peach wood. I wish I could share a taste too. But, I can say they tasted every bit as good as they looked. The peach wood was also very nice with grilled chicken and hot dogs (for the kids).

I've used several types of wood for grilling and smoking, and I would rank Baxter's at the top. I like the Jack Daniels barrel chips made from the retired whiskey barrels. That's a nice smoke. But, Baxter's offers a lot more variety. I will be trying out some more flavors, but I can say that the peach is excellent. I want to try it next with grilled fish. I think that would be a great combo with the peach wood.

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