Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy 25th Anniversary BP of Salisbury, NC - Statesville Blvd - Hot Dog Cook Out

I enjoyed a surprise cook out today at the BP gas station in Salisbury, NC (across from the Salisbury Mall). That is one of my regular stops. They have really good prices on milk, eggs, and Pepsi. There is a special for the car wash every Tuesday. And, the ladies who work at the BP are always nice and friendly.

Today the BP was celebrating 25 years of business, so I want to say thanks for all the years of good prices and service. I can't believe I have been going there that long, but time does go by fast. They were my college stop back when they opened, and now my kids are driving and get gas there.

To mark the special occasion, BP had all kinds of treats like free ice cream, candy bars, Slushies, and a hot dog cook out. There were games for the kids like basketball in the parking lot and face painting.

The grill guy was quite a ham. It was hot outside and hotter still next to a grill for hours. But, he was dancing and rocking the hot dogs and sausages off the grill. And, he and all the other employees had smiles for all.

I was in town today on the weekend, because I had to work a few hours and needed to do some shopping. Finding a party - especially with grilled food - on my way home was a great treat.

Thumbs up BP and thanks for a fun afternoon! See you next week when I need gas or other little things on the way home from work. It's nice to stop where you feel welcome and where folks know your face.

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