Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sam Dog Yellow Barbecue Sauce on Boneless Chicken

What a beautiful spring day! I had to fire up the grill even if it is a weekend home alone.

I decided to make boneless chicken strips or tenders (can take boneless breasts and just cut them in half or thirds), since they are so quick and easy. And, I had been drooling about the Sam Dog Yellow BBQ sauce that came in last week. So, the barbecue menu was set.

Sam Dog Yellow is a sweet mustard barbecue sauce often seen in South Carolina on down to Georgia. So, it is a niche area sauce, but mustard bbq sauce is definately worth checking out.

I usually marinate boneless chicken to prevent sticking, but I just used Pam grill spray on the Weber Smokey Joe tailgate grill grate today. Then, I sauced the chicken with Sam Dog and put it on. I would wait until the last 5 minutes or so with bigger pieces of chicken, since most sauces will tend to burn if put on too early. Boneless chicken strips grill so quick, that is not a worry.

The sweet mustard barbecue sauce is a little thinner than table mustard but not real thick like grocery store tomato bbq sauces. It brushed on real easy, and it smelled good.

I like to test barbecue sauces on the grill and on chicken. Chicken does not have a strong flavor, so I get a real taste of the bbq sauce.

Sam Dog Mustard BBQ Sauce has the mustard flavor but a bit sweeter than hot dog mustard and just a little zip. It is a nice combination and is more sweet than heat but enough seasonings to give it that extra omph.

This is a barbecue sauce that I would serve to any family and friends. It has an excellent flavor but is not extreme enough to upset my meat and potato ketchup loving peeps who think brown mustard is exotic. On the other hand, it is interesting enough for my foodie buddies.

So, I say thumbs up to Sam Dog Yellow BBQ Sauce.

GOOD NEWS! Sam Dog just went on the market. October 2010. Now folks can see what I'm talking about. Congrats Jeff and family. I'm excited for you all.


Oshawa Ogre said...

Looks very tasty! I may have to try that with Bone Sucking Mustard

CA said...

Yes. Sam Dog Yellow is excellent. My son came in later and had some and also his dad. Both also gave it thumbs up.