Saturday, April 03, 2010

Game Day Eats Wing Sauce Review - Thumbs Up for Buffalo Wings

I stumbled across Game Day Eats online and bought barbecue sauce and wing sauce. The GameDayEats bbq sauce was fabulous, so I was looking forward to trying the wing sauce.

My hot wings
are sinfully delicious (fried and with lots of butter), so I do not make them often now. But, my son just turned 20, so I made buffalo wings for his birthday dinner.

Normally I use Louisiana Hot Sauce with the butter for my wing sauce, but this time I broke out the Game Day Eats wing sauce I had been saving.

Game Day Eats wing sauce comes in canning jars like my Grandma always used, so I popped off the cap. The smell hit me immediately, and I could tell it was going to be a great sauce. Some products - you can just tell. This wing sauce just had that fresh smell with a wonderful hit of heat.

GDE sauce is a bit thicker that the grocery store wing sauces but not so thick that you think you have barbecue sauce. BBQ wings are great too, but they are not hot wings or buffalo wings.

I made up the hot wings like I always do but with the new wing sauce, and they were terrific. Just perfect for a special birthday dinner for my son who is no longer a teenager.

Anyone looking for a fresher and better wing sauce can't go wrong with Game Day Eats. It really is delicious - just like the barbecue sauce I ordered from them. I hope to add both the barbecue sauce and wing sauce to my custom OpenSky grill store where I only pick out the best of the best products on the market. Game Day Eats more than makes the grade.

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