Friday, April 23, 2010

Try Out Garlic Gold - Great Grilling Oil and Garlic Sprinkles

I have been having a grand time playing with Garlic Gold organic olive oil, nuggets and garlic sprinkles. They are great inside or out, but I've been using my Garlic Gold mostly on the grill, because that's just what I do (-:

Tonight I used the Garlic Gold olive oil on my fish and vegetables grilled plank style with Elizabeth Karmel's cedar planks from Grill Friends. I just soaked the cedar plank in water and then loaded it up with tilapia, green peppers, and fresh yellow squash.

All these foods are mild, so the Garlic Gold oil gave a little kick. You might not guess garlic. It is pretty subtle but really nice. Adding on the garlic nuggets kicks it up. So, if you are a garlic fan (like me), then put those on too, and you get a nice blast of garlic flavor with a nice flavor crunch.

Earlier in the week, I tried out Garlic Gold on pork chops. The boneless pork chops cook up so quick and easy. Brushing on the Garlic Gold olive oil keeps them from sticking to the grill grates plus adds a really nice flavor. These chops were on and off the City Grill (my favorite tailgate sized gas grill) in 20 minutes, and the grilled pork chops were delicious.

My boys love potatoes, so I often make foil pack potatoes on the grill. I found that it takes a lot less Garlic Gold versus butter or margarine to make these foil packs, so that makes them much healthier. Then, the garlic in the oil adds an extra flavor punch.

These were some of the best hobo pack grilled potatoes I've ever eaten if I must say so myself. I went heavier on the nuggets on mine and lighter for the boys. I lived in Greece for two years, and I developed a real appreciation for garlic. The boys prefer lighter now, but garlic is definately growing on them. They said these were extra good foil pack potatoes, so this is a good way to lighten up without giving up flavor.

Garlic Gold is not specifically a grill product. It is an indoor/outdoor oil and flavoring sprinkles. So, I decided to try them with a family favorite Southern dish - cast iron fried potatoes. Again, I found I needed much less oil than I do with butter. But, these skillet potatoes were packed with flavor.

I can't imagine anyone who would not like the Garlic Gold Olive Oil. It is nice and mellow. It does have the organic garlic, but it is light and works for everyone I think. For those who like to hit it harder, get the Garlic Gold nuggets or Garlic Gold Sprinkles. They can be used in cooking or just like salt on food but much healthier.

If you can't get Garlic Gold in your area, then check out Garlic Gold online. It is sure worth looking up.

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