Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big Acres Rich & Mild BBQ Sauce on Grilled Boneless Pork Chops

Yum! Yes, these pork chops with Melanie's Big Acres Rich & Mild Barbecue Sauce are just as good as they look.

I had my son check out the barbecue sauces in the cabinet tonight and pick the one he wanted to try out. I am a bbq sauce freak, so there were many bottles. He looked around and went with Melanie's gourmet Rich & Mild. This is a kid who does not like a whole lot of heat.

Big Acres Rich & Mild is a gourmet que sauce made small batch with natural ingredients. It has a sweet flavor with seasonings but is not a tongue burning bbq sauce. It's a good bet when you have friends and family over and do not know how hot folks may go. Just great flavor with a little sweet taste but not anything in there that would send folks running for water or the bathroom.

I have loved checking out Melanie's Big Acres sauces, and I added her gourmet barbecue sauce collection to my OpenSky outdoor cooking store. Every bottle has been a hit, and these new and interesting flavors are fun, healthy, natural, and they make old favorities like pork chops taste like something brand new on the grill.

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Weber Summit Grill said...

Hello there Cyndi,

Just visited your blog and I find it really good. This boneless pork chops looks really good. Have you marinated it with that Big Acres & Mild BBQ sauce or you just put that sauce after grilling it?

I bookmarked your blog for future references.